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Mission Statement

ANDRO FACTORY’s sole mission is to empower athletes with the safest, strongest, legal and most affordable natural prohormones & non-prohormone testosterone enhancements. To encourage product and industry awareness, freedom of choice and the right tools when ready to contour your body.

-Live Strong.

Team ANDRO FACTORY: built from only the strongest reputations in sport nutrition.

From the CEO of one of the nations leading steroid developers, to our international natural hormone QC & importers, medical staff and writers, the leading FDA regulated GMP facilities, former bodybuilders, active athletes and m-media designers from the best art schools in the US; ANDRO FACTORY is built on trust, experience and the nations leading technology. If you are interested in being apart of Team ANDRO FACTORY email us at


What is the goal that drives our business?

To provide natural, bio recognizable testosterone enhancements through prohormones & natural testosterone enhancements. Strong, Safe, Legal and Affordable. Manufactured within the compliance of an FDA regulated GMP facility.

What is the goal that drives our promormone line?

To provide prescription strength testosterone boosters over the counter; that are non methylated and identical to your body’s natural chemistry. The only alternative to prescription testosterone. 

What is the promise?

To provide the Strongest, Safest, Legal products at affordable prices. Real products for real people.

What is our core belief?

That we can provide safe and effective methods of testosterone replacement and enhancements without hurting your body, breaking the law or spending a fortune. Bringing reliability, integrity, professionalism and a personal commitment to our clients. 

What do we do?

ANDRO FACTORY formulates the best and most trusted forms of natural prohormones and non-prohormone body contouring products and make them affordable to every man. Bringing you timeless quality with new age technology. We do the footwork so you don't have to.

Who do we do it for?

For everyday people. For every man.

What are the benefits?

Knowing how hard it is to find good products in the supplement industry, we make it easy. We make our products approachable, obtainable and affordable. We make our products safely, legally and with a personal choice in strength and dose. We are in compliance with all FDA regulations and follow a strict ethical guideline when designing our supplements and purchasing our ingredients, we've got you covered.

Most prohormones available today are either: hard to obtain, Illegal, untested, made outside of a safe environment, expensive or simply don't work.

ANDRO FACTORY is the Leader the in Testosterone Enhancement. Safe - Natural - Effective - Affordable.



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